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We have core professional & experienced trainers who provide you the best and prepare for workable environment on the relevant fields. Join us and be professional with real-time projects.

Web Design Core PHP/mysql WordPress CMS Laravel Framework Android
NRs. 10K NRs. 15K NRs. 15K NRs. 20K NRs. 25K
It covers html 4, css 2.0, html 5, css 3.0, bootstrap, javascript/jquery plugin integration, photoshop mock up design, photoshop slicing, cross-browser compatibility, mobile-friendly and responsive device-friendly. It deals with fundamental, relational and functional behavior of programming on php/mysql. It includes POPs & OOPs based methodology with ready project. It will be for fully dynamic WordPress site using custom theme development and custom plugin integration on any preferred design. It will provide you complete idea about the schema, routing, blade template, controller, eloquent as model, middleware and overall project. One can get whole idea on how to code on android studio and prepare their overall project with various functionalities such as google map, youtube, tab, shared preference, json data, server integration, firebase and more.
One who need for Online Courses are also available.
We have highly experienced team player to conduct these professional courses conducted by our professional team. One can get involved in real time project with internship facilities.
Special discount can be given for students who come in a group.

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